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 Bodega de la Montaña Alicantina

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Varieties: Pinot Noir, Monastrell and Petit Verdot.
Origin: Small vineyard farms in the Alicante mountains.
Graduación: 13,7º
Ageing: Matured in French and American oak for 7 months. Minimum 6-month aging in bottle.
Serving temperature: 16º

In Serrella, characteristics as different as the ones in the fine and elegant Pinot Noir combine with the ones in the autochthonous Monastrell in a symphony where each instrument in the orchestra contributes with its best. The smooth, velvety and subtle French scents combine its notes with the Mediterranean rotundity of the Monastrell variety, which provides the right flesh, sweetness and power at the right time. An accurate portrait of a land full of cultural crossbreeding, Serrella merges the best of two basic grape varieties: the Atlantic seriousness and the Mediterranean cheerfulness result in an explosive combination.


"Covered cherry colour, very fine in the nose and full of nuances (the balsamic scents take us to the very mountainous region of Alicante), introducing us to the key experience we go through when tasting Serrella. Monastrell’s flavour is enveloping, mild and feminine, and its mature rotundity leads us to a full experience. This wine is persistent, long, very long, and reminds us of the great French wines."




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